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Karma Drinks: Ethical Business Transformation

Karma Drinks, originally known as Karma Cola, isn't your ordinary soft drink company. Deeply rooted in its commitment to fair trade, it ensures that profits flow back to the hardworking farmers and communities in Sierra Leone, the source of many of their raw ingredients.

The challenge they faced was one many businesses grapple with: evolving without losing sight of their core values. When Karma Cola initially sought our expertise, they were reliant on a manual system for wholesale orders. Picture bustling cafes and restaurants, where staff juggle multiple responsibilities and have mere moments to place an order for soft drinks. It's in such scenarios that efficiency isn't just nice to have—it's crucial.

Recognizing the predominance of mobile device usage among Karma Cola's trade customers, our approach heavily emphasized creating a responsive mobile application. This innovative solution transformed the ordering experience, allowing immediate product selection directly from listings, customizable product views, and a swift checkout journey.

The benefits of this transformation were twofold. For trade customers, what was once a time-consuming chore became a hassle-free task. For Karma Drinks, it meant not just maintaining, but enhancing their sales volume.

Coupled with the integration of their Unleashed inventory system with Shopify, Karma Drinks now had a full-fledged e-commerce solution that was efficient, user-friendly, and in line with their ethical trade principles.

To quote the appreciative feedback from the Karma Drinks team:

"CyberWorkshop worked efficiently with us to create a Shopify/Unleashed integration for our online orders. They were fast, efficient, and helpful throughout the whole process."

This success story of Karma Drinks embodies the perfect blend of tradition and technology, where businesses can retain their core values while embracing modern e-commerce solutions. Experience their user-centric ordering platform here.

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