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B2B Excellence with Whiteley Allcare

Nestled in the scenic locale of Kumeu Auckland, close to the picturesque Muriwai beach, Whiteley Allcare isn't just another healthcare business; they're a testament to what New Zealand-owned enterprises can achieve with dedication, expertise, and the right partners.

Specializing in products for Physiotherapy, Hand Therapy, and Podiatry, Whiteley Allcare has carved a niche in supplying a comprehensive range of products to Healthcare Professionals across New Zealand. Despite being a compact team, their aspiration is grand: to offer unparalleled personalized service, ensuring every client feels valued and understood.

However, in an ever-evolving digital landscape, providing stellar service isn't just about understanding healthcare needs—it's about ensuring that business processes, especially ordering, are as efficient and seamless as possible. This is where CyberWorkshop stepped in, introducing the InSyncer app tailored for MYOB Advanced.

The collaboration aimed to amplify Whiteley Allcare's Shopify Plus site, focusing primarily on streamlining trade ordering—a pivotal aspect of their business model. With InSyncer, synchronizing inventory became effortless, B2B pricing adjustments were a breeze, and the automatic translation of orders placed on Shopify into sales orders in MYOB Advanced was seamless.

Such transformative change did not go unnoticed. Whiteley Allcare's reflection on the experience was unequivocal:

"Great team to work with. Deployed MYOB Advanced / Shopify app seamlessly without any business interruption during ERP system change. The team have a great understanding of B2B business requirements and able to deliver on expectations."

This collaboration between CyberWorkshop and Whiteley Allcare isn't just a case study in technological integration. It's a story of understanding, commitment, and the drive to deliver excellence at every touchpoint.

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