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MYOB Exo & Shopify: Abode's E-commerce Journey

Abode Living's E-commerce Transformation

Abode Living, pioneered by Robert Adair, stands as Australia's luxury bed linen frontrunner, sewing products in its dedicated Australian factory. Despite their physical store's success in Melbourne, their online aspirations were stifled by WooCommerce's limitations. Their ambition? To mimic their in-store personal and tactile experience online and seamlessly expand to international markets.

The Challenge: Bound by WooCommerce, Abode Living grappled with inflexibilities, hindering them from swiftly deploying new customizations for an enriched online shopping escapade.

CyberWorkshop's Solution: Stepping beyond the boundaries set by their prior platform, Abode Living collaborated with CyberWorkshop to transition to Shopify Plus. While Soul+Wolf took charge of the website migration, CyberWorkshop took the reins on the crucial integration of MYOB Exo and Shopify, ensuring seamless synchronization of POS data, customer history, and product details.

Noteworthy Results: With the revamped platform and integration:

  1. Sales Amplification: Abode Living noticed a 25% surge in average order values and a 53% year-on-year peak sales uptick.

  2. Global Reach: Shopify Plus facilitated Abode Living's smooth sail into the New Zealand market.

Testimonial from Ben Adair, Operations Director, Abode Living: "CyberWorkshop played an instrumental role in transitioning our website from WooCommerce to Shopify. The synchronization of our POS system, MYOB Exo with Shopify, and the migration of our existing customer database and products was executed flawlessly. Victoria, our account manager, ensured smooth sailing during the migration phases. As of now, the sync is functioning seamlessly, and we couldn't be more pleased."

Conclusion: In the evolving digital landscape, the right integration can set the stage for e-commerce success. Abode Living's journey with CyberWorkshop underscores the transformative power of merging MYOB Exo with Shopify Plus. Ready to amplify your e-commerce potential? Connect with CyberWorkshop today.

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